Here is what Stark & Associates’ Business Clients Say About Our Services

Dr. Stark’s Professional Development Assessment of each member of our leadership team was invaluable in molding that team and helping it grow. He identified strengths and growth areas which allowed each person to work towards bettering their individual, and thus collective, performance. I greatly value the assistance he provided the Chamber.
–John P. Williams, Jr., Past President, Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Stark has become an important advisor to the Chamber and its Strategic Leadership Team. From initial candidate assessments to individual coaching suggestions, we have found Dr. Stark to be insightful, objective, thorough, accurate, responsive, and confidential.
–Michael Fisher, Past President, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber (Currently President & CEO, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center)

Dr. Stark’s assessments have not only improved our selection batting average, they have also provided our leadership team with clear recommendations for each candidate’s professional growth and development.
–Wym Portman, Past President, Equipment Depot (formerly Portman Equipment Company)

Dr. Stark’s assessments enable PMC to learn much more about candidates than traditional interviews and reference checking can provide. His assessments provide important insights into a person’s intellectual capability, personality, and leadership tendencies. He provides us the timely, accurate information we need to make informed hiring decisions.
–Thomas Gerdes, President, Plastic Moldings Company LLC

We have come to rely on the information Dr. Stark provides us in the employment process to a great degree. The information is a valuable tool in assessing candidates’ capabilities and their ability to function in a certain position.
–J. Wickliffe Ach, President/CEO, Hixson Architects/Engineers/Interiors

3M Precision Optics has partnered with Stark & Associates for many years. Our primary focus has been for our Associates to work with Dennis on Career Development opportunities that result in mutually beneficial initiatives for personal and professional growth. Results continuously exceed expectations.
–Jerry Behne, Vice President, 3M Precision Optics, Inc.

We have worked with Dr. Stark for many years. Initially he helped us in the selection of Brokers (salespeople). Over time, though, we have found ourselves calling Dennis and saying, “Here’s the situation…can you help?” While pre-employment selection is the primary service he provides us, Dennis has also been very helpful in identifying training and development needs for a number of our management trainees.
–Melanie Toler, Human Resources Manager, The David J. Joseph Company

Dr. Stark’s Professional Development Assessments have provided Neyer with valuable empirical information to help identify the leadership strengths, tendencies, and challenges of our key management members. His tools and techniques provide objective, reliable, and instructive insight that has helped us tailor our professional development initiatives.
–David F. Neyer, President, Al Neyer, Inc.

Stark & Associates’ Attitude Survey provided me valuable insights as to what different groups of employees really thought about ATM’s culture, policies, and leadership team. In addition, Dennis has helped with the professional development of key members of our staff. As a result, improved communication and understanding of individual personalities and group attitudes continues to directly improve our bottom line.
–David T. Parlin, President, The ATM Exchange, Inc.

Stark & Associates’ Professional Development Assessments have been very useful in identifying and developing the interpersonal, leadership, and sales potentials of our Sales and Management team members. Dr. Stark’s assessments have provided us with valuable information to use for management development, succession planning, career rescue, and hiring decisions.
–Lawrence A. Navarre, Vice President, Human Resources, G & J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, Inc.

Dr. Stark has provided professional assistance and guidance in our management selection process for over 20 years. It is a real asset to be able to consult with him regarding our staffing, as a resource in our management recruitment process and also in our training and development programs. His knowledge and insight has served us well. We have also appreciated his sense of urgency when timeliness in the decision process was necessary. We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with his fine services.
—Jack E. Maybury, President, Derringer Food Services, Inc.

Dennis Stark and Associates has proven to be a valuable resource in our hiring practices. The data gathered in the testing process are both objective and clear-cut, garnering relevant information with regard to a potential hire. Our company has found this “piece” to be essential in: (a) fairly assessing a field of viable candidates; (b) narrowing that field; and (c) ultimately making an informed hiring decision. I would highly recommend the services of Stark and Associates to other companies currently in the process of trying to fill top-level executive positions.
–Thomas D. Grote, Jr., President, Grote Enterprises LLC