My time with Dennis was worth every dime I paid and every hour I spent. I had already worked with another “Career Coach” and an outplacement firm. However, I was still very dissatisfied with my career direction and had almost lost all my working confidence. Thank goodness I found him. Not only is Dennis very personable to work with, his style and approach to helping you really find your niche is positive, encouraging, comprehensive, and very accurate. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about all my strengths and skills that matched with a career that I could be excited about and that restored my self-confidence. I would give Dennis a 5-star rating out of 5 stars!
–Suzi F.

I have used Dennis Stark’s Career Counseling Program twice: first, when I graduated from college and second, when I was reentering the workforce after being a stay-at-home mother for 13 years. Both times I was tremendously pleased with the in-depth feedback I received. I would HIGHLY recommend Dennis and his career counseling program to anyone trying to find a career that matches their interests and skills. Thanks again Dennis!
–Lynn S.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your personal and professional approach to helping me find the career that’s best for me. You certainly gave me plenty to chew on and I have already been to the bookstore to start my library… Again, Dennis, I thoroughly enjoyed our work together and thank you for the time and energy you committed to my ‘case’. If I ever find anyone in need of your type of services, you will receive my enthusiastic and unqualified endorsement.
–John E., Retired USMC Major

Dr. Starks’ Career Counseling Program has proven to be an invaluable experience as I seek to take the next step in my career path. The process itself and the resulting comprehensive report confirmed some hunches that I had, but it also gave me a few surprises about my skills and tendencies. Dr. Stark provided me with tangible results and clear recommendations on how I can improve myself to become an effective, even excellent, leader. I walk away from the program with renewed clarity as to my own strengths and limitations, as well as an increased confidence in my abilities. I am genuinely excited about applying these results to securing work that will reward and fulfill me both personally and professionally. Thank you so much!
–Kristi N.

I can’t thank you enough for your exhaustive research and findings about my abilities, interests, values, personality and careers which match my personal profile.  The results are more than just food for thought; they amount to a prescription for a better life for me and my family.
–Bill M.

When the field I dedicated myself to for twenty years dramatically changed through mergers, acquisitions and consolidation I faced difficult choices and an uncertain future.  It was your Career Development Assessment — and the personal counseling that amplified the testing — that kept me focused and opened my eyes to the possibilities before me.  I greatly appreciate your help in giving me the confidence to apply my skills in a new and rewarding career.  In fact, I felt that your services were so valuable to my career that I’ve sent my son and daughter to you for career counseling.  Thanks again for helping them.
–Tim S., Divisional Director, Service Wholesale, Inc.

I wanted to write to thank you for the time you took to go over the [career counseling] I did with you. I appreciate the time you took to answer all my questions. Other questions have arisen from further reflection and review of the material and I hope to contact you in the near future about these. I have looked further into the occupations suggested by the test results – in particular, the accounting field. Thank you again for your help. I should have gone to see you sooner!
–Joe S.

It has been a pleasure meeting with you regarding my Career Development Assessment. The feedback I’ve received was invaluable. No question your testing shows incredible insight on the individual – a great experience for me. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to do this again – I’d like to see how quickly I improve.
–Steve N., Portman Equipment Company

I recently went through your Career Counseling process. The insights it provided regarding my career interests, personality and leadership tendencies have helped me to zero in on the kind of career and job environment that is most conducive to my personal effectiveness and satisfaction. Your insight, wisdom, and professionalism are much appreciated. Thank you!
–Randall R.

I wanted to let you know about one of your success stories. You may recall a young man named Todd who you tested and analyzed, after I found you online. Part of his agreement with me (his father) was that he would listen to what you had to say and pay attention. The results were not surprising because he has always been so proficient with numbers. But he was clueless as to what to do with his business degree. He thought he wanted to do something in sports. Your results gave him a career path toward being a CFO for a large company. He liked the idea. As I write this letter he is gainfully employed with [a law firm/accounting practice] as a Junior Accountant. He is also studying for his graduate school entrance exam, on his way to a Masters in Accounting and CPA. It adds to his enjoyment that his firm represents many professional athletes and celebrities. It’s funny how things work out. So far so good. I just thought I would let you know.
–Rick B.

I just wanted to say thank you for your work in regards to my career path. I sincerely appreciate the attention and care that went into my report. It’s funny – several of the career choices that provided the best match for me had always been interests of mine. I was also truly amazed that one of the careers that best matched my personality, skills, and values was my current job path! I knew deep down inside that this is what I wanted to do throughout my career. Unfortunately, the last couple of chaotic years in the telecom industry took that confidence and clarity away from me. I am grateful that God directed me towards you and your assistance. I am truly fortunate that you have helped me regain confidence and clarity about my career. I would 100% recommend your services to anyone who needs the same help that I needed. I am very happy with the great detail that you have put into my report. I was amazed at how the tests and inventories exposed so much about me that I had not realized in the past. At the same time, a lot of the feedback reaffirmed many of the things I already knew about myself. Once again, I am sincerely grateful for your assistance. This was money very well spent and has been a wonderful investment that will reap great rewards for me in the future.
–Ron H.

We have used Dr. Dennis Stark’s Career Counseling Program for both our college-aged sons. As with many students, our sons were unsure of what courses of study and career directions might be ‘right’ for them. Dr. Stark’s program provided them with detailed inventories of their strengths, limitations, and personality tendencies, along with a very comprehensive list of potential careers that were best-suited for their strengths and personalities. What our sons appreciated the most was the one-on-one three-hour intensive review session of this list of potential careers with Dr. Stark, which helped them to clarify a direction to take. We wish now that we had used Dr. Stark’s program sooner, for we would have saved several thousand dollars in tuition costs (not to mention wasted time) had our sons been more focused earlier in their college careers.
–Lou and Pat R., parents of two sons who were career counselees