A powerful, effective resume will rarely get you a job. However, It WILL keep you in the running by getting you past the first and usually the second hurdles.

  • Hurdle #1: Is this person even qualified for this job? (getting through the initial cut)
  • Hurdle #2: Of the dozens – or even hundreds – of resumes we’ve received, who are the top 5-10 people that we want to contact for an initial interview?

I specialize in working with you to maximize the effectiveness of your resume. Basically, your resume needs to make a solid case for “Why should we hire this person (you), vs. all the others we’ve looked at?”

The process involves us meeting for an adequate amount of time (typically ranging from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours), so that I can ask you questions to help me differentiate you from your competition. Then, I develop the first draft of your resume, and we review and refine it so as to put you in the best possible light.

What makes me an expert? In my role as an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, I’ve helped over 100 companies select over 4,000 people for (usually) key positions. In my 30+ years in this role, I’ve literally reviewed thousands of resumes, and (being the observant type) I’ve noticed time and again what separates the good resumes from the bad ones.

Dozens of people have significantly improved the effectiveness of their resumes through our services. Here’s what several of them have to say.