After many years without needing to update my resume or interview for a job, I was struggling with developing my resume. Dennis was invaluable in not only helping me to put together an impressive reporting of my accomplishments, but also in coaching me to see my strengths and have confidence going into interviews. I asked a P&G friend to look over my updated resume, since she has reviewed many hundreds of resumes over her career, and her feedback was “I think your resume is excellent! It’s the best I’ve ever seen – focuses on results, results, results. I have nothing to add/improve.” Knowing that my resume was so good gave me the confidence I needed in my job search. Thank you Dennis, for this wonderful help!
–Christie B.

Dennis, Brian shared the resume on which you and he worked and I wanted you to know how impressed my wife and I were with the results. We were particularly delighted with the opening lead-in, the way you presented the people with whom he has worked and successfully trained, and the data points that highlighted his accomplishments.
He has accomplished a lot in his career and your efforts help to effectively present these. Many thanks, we appreciate your professional assistance.
–John J.

After deciding to change companies, I was faced with uncertainty concerning how to present myself as a candidate to prospective employers in a competitive market. I sought Dr. Stark’s assistance in constructing my resume and was met with the promise of making it as impactful as possible. The end result far surpassed my expectations. Dr. Stark patiently sifted through my work history during several consultations to produce a concise and potent resume that I am now excited to submit to potential employers. Upon reading it, I have increased confidence in my career search as well as a deeper sense of pride in my accomplishments.
–Emily S.

To catalogue the complete list of times Dr. Stark supported me with my resume and job search pursuits would be tedious and exhaustive. Over the past four years Dennis has continually supported the development of my professional documents that caught the eye of several prospective employers. Using his cover letter and resume recommendations I averaged three times as many interviews as my peers. He gave my professional documents the tangible qualities they needed to highlight my accomplishments and separate me from the competition. Dennis truly has a gift for understanding exactly what an employer needs to know about candidates in order to call them in for an interview.
This past month I was applying for a dream job at a new Catholic school in Cincinnati. When I brought the opportunity to Dr. Stark’s attention, he made a phone call and within a week I was sitting across the table from a board member who was instrumental in the school’s development. Upon reviewing my cover letter and resume this esteemed contact said “I have never seen a finer presentation of one’s skills in my entire career”. (He is a former CEO and has been in business for over 40 years.) I continued to pursue the job opportunity using Dennis’s suggestions and guidance and in just two more weeks was offered an interview with the Principal of the school. Two days later I landed the job I have been looking for since I first began teaching.
With Dr. Stark’s help I have had nine job offers in three years—my peers have found it difficult enough to secure that many job interviews. Dennis’s professional contacts have afforded me six different interviews in various school districts and parochial schools. Now that I have found the ideal job and reflected on my pursuits of finding the “right place” to work I have come to two truths: One, Dr. Stark’s professional advice and recommendations are sound and they work. Two, Dennis’s personal recommendations and contacts are of great influence. His interventions and support are swift and meticulous. He made me feel like my resume was the only job he was working on and that it took priority over everything else.
Because of Dr. Stark’s guidance I am exactly where I want to be in the prime of my career. Because of his advice I have afforded my wife the ability to raise our children with peace of mind. Because of his advice I am able to send my sons to one of the top private Montessori schools in the Cincinnati area. Because of Dr. Stark I am able to do the job I love, supporting those I love most, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his direction.
–Paul E.