Selecting the Right Person for the Job

How effectively does your firm select high-quality, high-performing employees? Research shows that if your firm still depends solely on traditional interviewing, background-checking, and reference-checking to make hiring decisions, then your company is less than half as effective as it could be! Research also shows that poor hiring decisions typically result in losses that total tens of thousands of dollars per year per person in areas such as decreased sales and/or productivity, poor decision-making, ineffective leadership, increased training costs, and/or damaged relationships with employees and clients. On the other hand, hiring better employees typically results in tens of thousands of dollars of productivity gains per person per year.

Stark & Associates’ assessments give your company much more in-depth (and more valid and reliable!) information than does traditional interviewing and reference-checking.

For example, we can assess:

  • Intellectual Capacities such as general reasoning, math, reading/writing, planning and critical-thinking (logical and analytical reasoning) abilities
  • Personality Factors such as drive, determination and persistence; interpersonal and rapport-building skills; customer-relations, client-relations, and employee-relations abilities; flexibility, adaptability, and innovativeness; change-, time-, conflict- and crisis-management abilities; and propensity to pay close attention to quality, accuracy,and details.
  • Personal Integrity Factors such as personal honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, dependability, conscientiousness and likelihood of being a good “corporate citizen”.
  • Leadership Factors such as concern for people, propensity to “micro-manage”, propensities to delegate to and empower others, and the ability to lead by inspiring and motivating others.
  • Sales Success Factors such as drive, persistence, tenacity, and resiliency; interpersonal, rapport-building, cold-calling, soft-selling, hard-selling and negotiating skills; customer-contact, client-relations, client-retention and employee-relations abilities; and ability to work independently/without close supervision.

Preliminary results can be communicated within 24 hours, and a comprehensive written report follows within 3 business days.